Team Administrators Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to be a Team Administrator. Our club can only operate with help of people like you, who give up their time to volunteer.

Team Lists:

Team Lists will be emailed prior to the start of season. Please confirm with your team that all details are correct. If there is a discrepancies please forward to relevant co-ordinator at either or

If a child’s name does not appear on the iPad scoring system or is incorrect, please notify us immediately to have it rectified.

Your Responsibilities:

Please organise a scoring roster. Each parent/family is expected to score. A video on how to score is located on the SBA website
We are happy for you to submit a team photo to appear of our website or facebook page. Please submit photos to the club Secretary at

The Club keeps a register of players that have not granted permission for their photos to be used. However, as a double means of checking, please inform your team of the purpose of the photos before taking them.
You are the “point of call” for the team to notify you of unavailability. In addition, should your Coach cancel training at any time, please notify Rebecca Harvison at Mordialloc Community Centre at or phone 9580 3675. Rebecca runs the Parkdale Secondary College court hire. Please check the website for your training time.
Coaches Gift:
At the end of the season please ask each family for a contribution to put towards a present for the Coach to show the team’s appreciation of his/her time and efforts. Like yours, the Coach’s role is voluntary.

Game Times:
Please advise your players how to check their game times by going to the Sabres website for the current fixture. Click on the link that says fixtures, then type in the age group and grade of your team. Please note that this will be done on a week by week basis for the first few weeks while the competition is graded.

Clash Singlets:
As the club is growing, more and more often we have a Clash of the Pacers. If your team is the first named for a particular game against another Pacers team, you as the TA will need to arrange to collect a set of clash singlets from, Bec Hardeman contact email address is:

If at any time your team needs uniforms, please direct them to the Uniform Coordinator:

Fill in players:
Please be advised if your team needs to use fill in players anyone who is not registered with Pacers can only fill in for one game. If you have to enter two or more players courtside the club will be fined $30 each time, this is due to the time it takes and prevents games from starting on time. If you need to use fill in players please contact the boys or girls coordinator the day before your game to get these players listed in your team for game day

Thank you again for taking on the Team Administrator role. If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant co-ordinator.